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Friday, 15 April 2011 17:44

order in the midst of chaos

art-spiralcactusDuring the last half of December through the month of January, I was recuperating from surgery and was, for the most part, bedridden. To pass the time, I played an online game called cityville. The point of the game was to build a city from scratch. Since I had time on my hands, I started out with a one horse town I named Michaelville.

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Sunday, 16 January 2011 17:44

multi-tasking or distraction?

art-platespinningLife is chaotic, but our souls don’t need to be. The wisdom of Mussar is that we can increase our inward order through practical action in our outward surroundings.

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Friday, 15 October 2010 07:09

order from below

art-clutterEvery system in the universe has many forces acting on it that have the potential to disrupt and disorganize the original intended order.  In the beginning, God pulled His “light” into the universe as the energy of creation and good.  Our job is to tap into that light and help be little mini-agents of creation. When we bring order back into our lives, we are actually acting in emulation of the First Agent Who facilitated this creation process. The sages teach us that the “Spirit of God / Ruach Elohim”, which hovered over the deepness of chaos, was the Spirit of Messiah. 

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Friday, 17 September 2010 19:27

steady maintenance

art-fixerIn my own pursuit of Mussar, I find myself returning to Order more than any other middah. I can think of three reasons for this.

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