middot calmness quotes from the mussar masters

from the mussar masters

Written by  riverton mussar


“But I tell you that whoever is enraged against his brother baselessly is liable to a beit din, and whoever says to his brother, “reka” is liable to a sanhedrin, and whoever calls him “naval” is made liable to the fire of Geihinnom.” --Mashiach Yeshua, Matthew 5:22, DHE 

“The world is a very narrow bridge. They key to crossing is to not be afraid.” --Rabbi Nachman ben Simcha of Bratslav

“It is intelligent of a person to be slow to anger, and his splendor to ignore an offense.” --Proverbs 19:11

 “If you have been abused, remain aloof; and if you have thoughts [of responding in kind], put your hand to your mouth; for the squeezing of milk produces butter; the squeezing of the nose produces blood; and the squeezing of anger produces strife.” --Proverbs 30:32

 “A gentle reply turns away wrath, but a galling word incites anger.” --Proverbs 15:1

“Into His hand I shall entrust my spirit, when I go to sleep – and I shall awaken. With my spirit shall my body remain. Hashem is with me, I shall not fear.” – Siddur, Morning Blessings

 “For G-d alone, wait silently, my soul, because my hope is from Him. He alone is my Rock and my Salvation; my Stronghold, I shall not falter.” --Psalms 62: 6-7

“Hashem is my shepherd, I shall not lack. In lush meadows He lays me down, beside tranquil waters He leads me. He restores my soul...Though I walk in the valley overshadowed by death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me. --Psalm 23:1-3

 “Hashem is my light and my salvation, who shall I fear? Hashem is my life's strength, whom shall I dread?” --Psalm 27:1

 “From the straits did I call upon G-d; G-d answered me with expansiveness. Hashem is with me, I have no fear; how can man affect me?” --Psalm 118:5-6

 “Hashem will protect you from every evil; He will guard your soul. Hashem will guard your departure and your arrival, from this time and forever.” --Psalms 121:7-8

 “There are four temperaments among men: Easy to provoke and easy to appease--his loss is canceled by his gain. Hard to provoke and hard to appease--his gain is canceled by his loss. Hard to provoke and easy to appease--he is a saintly man. Easy to provoke and hard to appease--he is a wicked man.” --Avot 5:14


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