middot order meditation order through the body

order through the body

Written by  rebbetzin malkah

art-deltaThe Hebrew word for order is seder.

This same Hebrew root also gives rise to words like sederah which means a "row", and siddur which is a "prayer book." Order brings stability, consistency, and a set pattern.  Order is like a straight path that helps us to get from one place to another without calamity.  Once we lose the ability to have order in our lives, it doesn't take long before a collapse of the other middot follow.  Though we cannot assume complete order in the universe through our actions, at least our greatest attempts to maintain the highest level possible of order in our lives can yield much fruit and help other areas of our lives. 

The next time you encounter a situation/place where there is a lack of order, either instigated by you or someone else, practice this simple meditation.

First, take a few deep breaths. Breathing, in the realm of our bodies, is an action which helps to regulate the oxygen levels in our blood and keeps our organs healthy.  Close your eyes. Realize that your your body is a manifestation of order given by Hashem.  As you try and remain still, sense the rhythm of your heartbeat.  Place your finger either on your neck or on your wrist so you can feel your pulse.  There is an order to this beat; it's regularity keeps you alive.  Revel in this miracle of your heartbeat while maintaining calm but steady breathing.  Continue to focus on the beating of your heart.

Imagine the blood flowing from the outer edges of your body to your heart, and then being sent out again to all parts of you.  Try and imagine the blood flowing in a very calm and quiet way, keeping all parts of you alive and functioning in a very orderly way. Meditate on the miracle of this order that Hashem has created within you.  As you slowly open your eyes, bring this simple but miraculous order of your existence and attempt to create order around you.  What this exercise will have achieved for you is mental focus, lowering of your blood pressure, controlled imagery, and a moment to regroup. By focusing on something that already has a beautiful and wonderful order, given from the Divine, you can harness order within you to share with others.

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