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patience as wisdom

Written by  riverton mussar

art-crown-of-patienceThere was a great and mighty king who had many peasants working for him in his kingdom. One of the peasants rebelled against the king and would not listen to his laws.

When the king heard this, he summoned his ministers who unanimously decided that justice demands that the peasant be executed immediately. The king though, decided to withhold justice for now and give the peasant a chance to mend his ways. He summoned the peasant to speak to him and spoke to him kindly. Nevertheless, the peasant continued to rebel against the king and even worsened his deeds. The king tolerated him and even asked his ministers to continue sending the peasant money for his livelihood. Eventually after a time the hard hearted peasant could not help but admire the king's superhuman tolerance and his benevolence and the peasant made a total turnaround. He became one of the most loyal servants of the king.

--taken from the introduction of The Palm Tree of Deborah by Rabbi Moshe Cordavero

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