questions to ask yourself

Written by  riverton mussar

Use these questions to evaluate your day:

          1. What were the seeds that hindered your ability to manifest loving-kindness today?
          2. Did a good deed you perfomed today lift up someone while lowering someone else, or was this good deed mutually beneficial for all involved?
          3. Were your deeds done merely for the sake of Heaven, or for some personal gain?
          4. Did you receive honor for doing a deed today? If so, would you have done the deed had it been in private and no honor was attached?
          5. Were you able to use prayer or meditation to help you in making the more noble choices you were confronted with today?
          6. Do you spend some time during the day thinking about how to help others?
          7. Does helping others or doing acts of kindness come naturally? If not, what could you do to make it a more natural practice?
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