questions to ask yourself

Written by  riverton mussar

art-questionsUse these questions to evaluate your day:

    1. Are you aware of how your actions and behavior affect others?
    2. Are you aware of your weaknesses in certain middot and working actively to strengthen yourself?
    3. Are you current on world and local events and how you can engage yourself?
    4. Do your struggles come from being unaware of your behavior or do they just come from nowhere? Do you have any role in causing them and if so what is your role?
    5. Is there a character trait you are not aware of that causes you to have many struggles in life? Are you
      aware of how Hashem or others are working with you to overcome this trait? Do you allow yourself
      to be molded?
    6. Do you isolate yourself in your own bubble and remain out of touch with the needs of family and friends? How can you engage more?
    7. How aware are you of your effect on others? How can you make your effect more positive?
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