middot silence meditation the sound of silence

the sound of silence

Written by  rebbetzin malkah

art-snowMany people have a hard time with silence. It makes them uncomfortable and they feel they have to fill the void.

For those who are aquainted with snow in winter, you know what I mean when I say that all the world is filled with silence when it snows.  There is nothing like a snow-covered land.  The cars make less noise, everything glistens and everything is pure:  pure white and insulated.

For us, there is nothing purer than silence itself. If we are not going to use our speech for divine purposes, then by all means silence is the answer.

(Note:  For more information on meditative techniques, see the source Jewish Meditation by Aryeh Kaplan.)

Find a comfortable seat in a quiet place.  First, take a few deep breaths. Deep breathing brings oxygen to your brain and helps clear the mind. Close your eyes. Continue breathing until you feel relaxed.

The focus of this meditation will be upon offering your silence to Hashem.  That is it.  It is an offering.  You don't need to speak, you don't need to fluff the Creator.  You are merely going to be.

Using a phrase from Psalms 65:1 for meditation, choose whether you will say the Hebrew or the English. Repeat it in your mind until you are comfortable with it and can let it flow freely in your thoughts:

לְךָ דֻמִיָּה תְהִלָּה אֱלֹהִים בְּצִיּוֹן וּלְךָ יְשֻׁלַּם־נֶֽדֶר

(L'cha doomiyah tehillah Elokim b'Tzion u'L'cha yeshoolam ne-der)

Silence is praise to You, O G-d in Tzion, and to You a vow is paid.  --Psalms 65:2

Silence is as praise to Hashem.  Allow yourself to bask in silence and contemplate your offering to the Eternal.  As He knows your every need, your every desire, sometimes all you need is to come before Him. 

In a word filled with soundbytes, constant media bombardment,
when do you have silence?  You have it now. 

This is your offering:  silence. 

Give this to Hashem wholeheartedly and allow no words to come between you and the Divine. 

As the snow covers the ground in silence and in purity, cover these moments with your meditation to Him of quietness and purity. 

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