questions to ask yourself

Written by  riverton mussar

art-questionsUse these questions to evaluate your day:

    1. Is there an area in your life (home, routine, possessions) where you struggle with simplicity?
    2. Do you have more than you need (food, home, possessions)? Why and how can you curb this?
    3. Is there a way that you simplified your life today? Are you happier with the simplicity? Did it bring a
      sense of freedom?
    4. Do you overcomplicate your life with excess? What is this excess? Sometimes the simplest solutions are like lighting a candle to remove darkness and chaos…what simple candle could you light to
      overcome your ‘darkness’?
    5. Do you find it difficult to be because of all the stumbling blocks you set in your path? Do you have simple goals?
    6. Do you have time-out moments where you can read a book or take a simple walk without technology?
    7. Examine your home. What in your home helps you to exist and what bogs you down?
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