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Written by  rebbetzin malkah

art-childpaintingThen they brought him children so he could place his hands upon them and pray, but his talmidim reprimanded them. Yeshua said, “Permit the children and do not withhold them from coming to me, because theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.”  He placed his hands upon them, and he passed on from there.  --Matthew 19:13-15, DHE

There's something about children: refreshing, honest, open, and simple.  Not simple in a negative way, but in the best way possible.  Our Rebbe Yeshua certainly knew this.

Children are vessels waiting to be filled.  Depending on how they are filled, they grow to be amazing adults and give back to the world with more than they have been given.  They resonate with hope and seek to do the impossible.  And even more, they have a sense of eternity that abounds within them.  Their fire seems unquenchable and the sky is the limit.

going back

So what exactly was our Mashiach hinting at when he says that theirs is the kingdom of Heaven?  I believe it is more than just an inheritance that will come to them because they are younger.  I think that he is declaring that they have a state of mind that is not just simple but tender as well.  They are maleable and changeable.  They haven't been hardened by years of disappointment, hardship, circumstances, jockeying for power, or health problems.  Their lives are simple and their focus is unencumbered.  They have to ability to look forward with hope and pioneer without hangups.  Their energy seems endless and their gumption enviable.

So what happens to us that we let our pores get so clogged and our willpower so weakened?  How do we return to that state of anticipation and enthusiasm?  Perhaps it is by looking at the model of a child's life that will help us. 

small worries

Children, and I speak mostly of those in fairly healthy environments (although much can even be said for oppressed children), have fairly simple lives.  Most children are not concerned with paying bills, the latest fads, health concerns, broken relationships, jobs gone bad, and opportunities lost.  They only become this way as they get older due to the influences which adults have on their lives. 

The life of a child is a world filled with imagination, possibilities, new experiences, and connections.  Their way of looking at things, though very intelligent, is more straightforward.  They are open to change because it is exciting.  Adults get burdened by a life of experiences and over time, lose the desire to plow forward with enthusiasm and vigor.  Our simplistic way of looking at the world has become so clouded it can be difficult to muddle through a day with success and clear vision.  Have you ever witnessed the difference between a child painting and an adult?  A child will grab the brush with such fervor, while an adult will hesitate, wonder what to draw, wonder if it will turn out well, if it will be worth it, etc....   Those who are young and mind and heart feel courage and energy because what lies in their hearts and souls is simplicity.  They aren't hung up on all the what ifs.

If we wish to be part of those who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to transform our minds and hearts to be like those of children. Release the loads that slow you down.  Let go of the parts of your life which stifle you.   Spend some time around those younger souls and let your soul shed its years of burdens and shackles and become simple again.

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