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Here is the new journal for Hebrew year 5775, starting our mussar cycle on October 19, 2014.

This journal is designed to be a rich resource to help you in the practice of Mussar, a spiritual practice to aid in character growth. 

It is primarily a tool to assist in Cheshbon HaNefesh, meaning accounting of the soul. This is a deliberate daily practice of scrutinizing one’s behavior, which Mussar relates is a reflection of our character traits (middot). The pre-designed pages in this journal are set up to assist you through two seasons of middot accounting. Consistently using this journal is the key to understanding your progress and growth.


This 7.5"x7.5" paperback square journal is designed for easy toting to help you in the evening practice of reflection on your day.

Preceding each section of weekly middot practice is an introductory page explaining the middah, an accounting chart for the week, and a suggested list of kabbalot (practices) for you to select as your coursework. Each day's page includes space for writing, a quote for inspiration, and a question to help you with your journaling.

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This version will cover the first 6 months of our year 5775 cycle.

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Purchase a customized Riverton Mussar journal that has all of the charts already laid out, as well as daily journal space, for $18.  This journal will become an invaluable tool in your Mussar practice. 

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