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winter 2011 mussar kallah recordings

Written by  rav rafael

Introduction: Rav Rafael

Rabbi Russ Resnik Session 1: Obeying the great commandment, Part One

The Shema is a central Jewish prayer and statement of faith, but above all it is a commandment. We will consider six ramifications of the Shema-as-commandment and how they shape our practice of Mussar.

Rabbi Russ Resnik Session 2: Obeying The great commandment, Part Two


In this session we explore the commandment that Messiah (along with Jewish tradition) describes as inextricably linked with the Shema: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” What does this mean and not mean, and why is the Shema incomplete without it?

Rav Rafael Session 3: Na’aseh v’Nishma

This session examines the ethical/mussar imperative that Mashiach Yeshua gives us in chapters Matthew 5, 6 and 7 from the DHE and how to concretely apply it to our lives. Yeshua's Mussar teaching from the mount is an allusion to the giving of Torah from Sinai when we said, "All that Hashem has spoken we will do and we will hear [Na'aseh V'nishma]!“ How we do and listen is a reflection of our character development.

Rebbetzin Malkah Session 4: When all you hear is noise


Meditation Exercise & Feedback:

During this session, we will explore the middot of gratitude and silence.  In doing so, we will learn how these middot can be used within meditation to help us stop the noise and truly listen to our souls.

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rav rafael

rav rafael

I am the rabbi of Beit Hashofar synagogue in south Seattle and co-founder of Riverton Mussar.

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